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Four Hills Village News


Crime Prevention Tips

In light of a recent theft of a lawn mower from a driveway, it's good to review some ways to keep your safe. Here are some good tips from APD:

  Crime Prevention & Safety Tips

  Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

We've received these auto crime prevention reminders from the Foothill Area Command:

  • Do Not leave a vehicle running and unattended. Every year we have cars stolen after the owner starts the car and goes back inside to stay warm or retrieve something.

  • Be Alert! Keep your head up, shoulders straight and be looking around. Do not walk through a parking lot on your cell phone or looking through packages or a purse. This behavior tells a criminal that you would make a good victim. Before you leave the store put your money/wallet away and get your keys ready. Please be aware of your surroundings to prevent someone from viewing you as a potential victim for a robbery.

  • Do not leave anything of value in your car. Secure belongings in the truck. Lock your doors. Anything that can be seen can be stolen. Open doors are (in a criminal's mind) an invitation to rummage through your vehicle.

Anonymous False Newsletter

[November 28th, 2015] We just received an odd, unsigned newsletter (below), with no return address, supposedly from "The former Four Hills Village Neighborhood Association." It refers to the "FHVNA Leadership Team," which was then only Herb Wright and Marilou Cochran, since they had illegally "voted out" other officers.

It seeks to justify dissolving the Four Hills Village Neighborhood Association to merge with the other neighborhood association. At no time did they "take this agreement back to the respective Associations for final agreement," as they state. They did not notify or receive approval from any of the officers  they illegally removed--or anyone else--of this ill-conceived idea. These two acted alone and were surprised that the Four Hills Village "Homeowners" Association didn't honor their agreement.

It's unclear what they hoped to gain by sending this message, but it did not come from the Four Hills Village Neighboorhood Association, which has notified the City of Albuquerque Office of Neighborhood Coordination that we have re-formed and remains in good standing with the State of New Mexico. We want to end this drama and return to helping our beautiful neighborhood. We have many ideas for our next year, and hope that you will attend our free and open annual meeting next Saturday, December 5th, 2015, to hear about them. All are welcome.
Weird Faux Newsletter

--- last updated on December 15, 2017 ---

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